Why am I here ?

I travel …. different town everyday …..

I would like to do a blog that others might find interesting …
including travel tips, food on the road, places I’ve been, things I’ve done.

My likely audience will be friends and family (and me as a virtual diary), but also people who are going to experience life on the road …. I am ‘almostgreynomad’ !

I have had the name / blog for about ? two years … made a couple of pathetic posts … but I have no idea how to get from here … to a real / proper blog (that others might find interesting !).

I have enrolled in WordPress 101 ….. hopefully the quality of my blog posts will dramatically improve over the next few weeks !! Definately can’t get any worse !

First ‘assignment’ was to write the first blog, add 3 tags, and publish ….
so here I go !!!!!

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